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Caseria del Carmen Pool

Holidays villa Casería del Carmen in Albuñol, Granada, Spain

Mass tourism vs. Local tourism. Why coming to our rural house is another kind of trip?

Globalization has brought us many good things, like traveling around the world with many facilities thanks to the tools we didn´t have 80 years ago. However, in between all these messages we are losing the local ones, the ones that are not governed by digital algorithms.

Of course we all have the desire of travelling to the most wanted locations on instagram whenever we have a week off: Bali, Bangkok, a cruise in the Caribbean Sea, but…

There are places that even if they are not known, they are beautiful because they have history and soul. That´s why we are proposing a different kind of jorney. It´s a journey that is not measured by the kilometers you travel, but by how much can you get to know a place. It´s a rural getawey under sustainable tourism. 

Albuñol is a farmer town. It´s sourronded by mountains and see, by people who get up early to bring the vegetables and the fishing collected that morning. In short, it´s made from the habits that its people build. And Casería del Carmen, that has been raised with the town, looks from the distance this beautiful postcard.

The rural house it´s one kilometer away from Albuñol, sourronded by mountains and it wakes up with the sound of the birds and maybe some rooster. It´s a charming farmhouse that is hidden and it´s not so known. In fact, two years ago nobody would have guess this place as a tourist location to spend your holidays. But now, people who has come were so fascinated that now we are hosting people from all around the world. People who are looking for quiet, tranquility and people who are running away from mass tourism.

That´s why we say this is a different kind of journey, with a different kind of leisure. A leisure that changes the buildings for mountains, the massified plazas with expensive restaurants for local bars with tapas for just 2€, the sound of the cities for the sound of animals, the cinema in a city for a cinema just for you, a swimming pool with many people for another one where you can hear… nothing. 

The nothingness we like the most.