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Poeta en Nueva York: a small but powerful winery in La Alpujarra

This year I have learned that I want to choose who I want to spend my time with, the hobbies that I want to practice and, above all, to seek and admire the work that so many people do every day. And I´m not talking about big brands or big companies. I´m talking about the other ones, the ones who work with their hands and their soul.

For now on, I want to listen to people who talk about the places where they come from and their history. That´s why I remembered what some guests from New Jersey said:

“If you get a chance contact the owner (Miguel) of the smallest vineyard in Spain , the vineyard is called Poeta en Nuevo York his wines are delicious. The vineyard is close by to the house.” 

So I talked with Miguel, the owner, to visit this small and charming winery in Huarea. 

Montse and  Miguel gave us a wine tasting and a guided tour that also included emotions, culture and the greatest affection that someone can possibly have for the land where they grew.

Miguel was born in the same farmhouse that where the winery was built around the 90´s, and it´s possibly the smallest winery in Spain. He told us that his school was the ruined building that was a hundred meters away from us. He lived all his childhood in that place, and now he wanted to give back to his land everything that this one had given to him. And that´s what they are doing.

How the winery works

They make the wine with their own grapes and, as they say, they prefer to have this size and this amount of production (up to 8,000 bottles per harvest) because that´s how they get the wine with the best quality.

They showed us the three rooms of the winery: the fermentation room, the production and handling room, and the aging room, and they explained the meticulous work they do at each stage.

But, as I said before, it was not a purely technical explanation. In every word, you could see all the love and work that they had dedicated since the created  this winery.

Afterwards, we did a wine tasting. First we tasted an exquisite white wine made with the native Vigiriega grape and Sauvignon blanc, and then we moved on to the reds of tempranillo and Syrah.

I learned how to smell and drink wine, and also that eating pepper jam toasts like the ones Montse made to us is a successful option as a side.

Montse and Miguel didn’t just show us the winery. They taught us how strong the roots are in a person and in a village, and how important it is to keep that feeling alive. As a great friend told me the other day: the best teacher is the one who teaches you without wanting to.

Montse and Miguel wanted to show us the winery, but they showed us much more.

And that is why it is an enriching experience.

And that’s why we recommend you to go.