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Caseria del Carmen Pool

Holidays villa Casería del Carmen in Albuñol, Granada, Spain

If your main motivation is food, this is your place.

Yes, I know. Travelling is good because you get to know cities, different languages, monuments… But what about us? What about the people whose main motivation for traveling is food? Because there are people (like me, the one who is writing this) that the first thing we do when we travel is to type in Google “typical plates in….”?

So today I´m going to talk about our typical food in Andalucia. Also about our tapas. 

A few years ago, my parents went with some friends from Madrid to a local bar in Albuñol. They ordered a beer and they gave them, apart from the beer, half of a toast with ali-oli, cheese and ham (we call it cherigan). The conversation between my mother and her friend was something like this:

  • Hey, what is this? We did´t order it.
  • Oh, well, it´s the tapa you get with each drink. 
  • How much does it cost?
  • 2€ 
  • Oh. Just the “tapa”, right?
  • No, no. Both the beer and the tapa.
Beer and it´s tapa

Then, my mother´s friend keep ordering  more beer just because she wanted to see which tapa they will give her. Actually, you don´t really need to order a beer each time to get another tapa (you can ask for an extra one) but I guess it was just an excuse. 

Anyways, going out in Granada or Almería it´s an adventure with many questions. Which tapa are they going to give you? Fish, meet, vegetables? Maybe, if you are lucky, you can get paella or migas. Wow, I´m just writing this and I want to get some calamari tapa. 

Well, let´s continue.

South it´s cool. Yes, that´s it. It´s cool because the food is great. I´ve never been really into fish but now I would´t refuse to eat some freshly cooked sardines. So, what are our typical plates in Granada and Almería?

In the mountain, in Alpujarra, the plates are based on products from the area. The production of cheese, serrano ham and pork meet is great. My favorite dish is called “plato alpujarreño” made with papas a lo pobre (specially fried potatoes), pork sausage, black pudding and egg. But horses for courses. I could tell many plates and I would never end so I´m just going to choose 5 (ham and cheeese are not included): salmorejo, arroz cortijero (special rice, similar to paella), migas, puchero de hinojos (made with garbanzo beans) and Loin of orza.

In the coast, of course, I recommend fish, specially because it´s usually fresh. Imagine yourself in a bar in front of the beach, with the sun, a beer in your hand and some shrimps in the other one. Not so bad, uh? So, what can you eat? Everything! Even with tapas? Yes, even tapa-sized. 

Fried octopus, fried (or not) shrimps, sardines, calamari, fried fish, more gazpacho… It´s just insanely good.

And tonight I just had a sad egg with bread. The food I can get in the south, wow, I can´t get it  in Madrid. 

Written by Lucía Martín Manzanares.