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Caseria del Carmen Pool

Holidays villa Casería del Carmen in Albuñol, Granada, Spain

A place that makes you nostalgic it´s a place that makes you happy.

It´s not easy to write about a place. Even if you know it from just a couple hours or maybe from all your life, every place convey a lot of emotions. It can be a nostalgic memory, or a happy one. But at some point, you are twenty years older and you start to live again the things you lived at that place and something tickles your stomach.

It´s not easy to write about a place. Well, it is in a descriptive area, of course. La Casería is an andalusian house from the S.XVIII century, completely renewed, with a pool and a tree at the entrance that feels really good during the siesta time. It also has a mountain in front of the house and each summer the cicada´s sound makes you to live again your childhood summers.

Yes, I was talking about writing in an emotional way. That´s difficult. And the best way I know it it´s to talk about how I feel when I go to La Casería. 

People say that you always come back to the places that made you happy some time. Maybe that´s why I always come back here. ¿Do you have any place that can only bring you good memories? Well, if you have one you may consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world.

My place is La Casería. And I think I´m lucky because I have been able to travel before, but only this nook in the world is completely clean for me. Sometimes, even the nostalgia can dress up in a seductive way.

7 years. You live with your cousin in the tree branches more than inside your house. You imagine that a pirate boat comes from the mountain and that your mission is to protect the house. Yes, because inside a little girl´s imagination everything is possible.

12 years. We all arrive from the beach with our swimwear full of sand and there´s no hose we can avoid. Yes, without anesthesia and cold running water. Then, with your pijamas on, you walk a little and there you see the books you cannot stop reading: The Five, Mafalda and Mortadelo y Filemón.

15 years. You start to go to the beach without your parents. You realize that your summers with your cousins and the inflatable boat are not coming back but still, you are in love with this new stage. The small kiosk is full of teenagers buying candies and icecream, and nobody is telling you that you have to wait 2 hours to respect your digestion.

20 years. Your house is still the same but kind of different. You start to compare how it was when you were 5 years old and how it is now, and you think when did it change that much. A change for better, but that still has the same furniture and the same walls. The shell that your parents found in the sea more than 16 years ago. The same tools that were used in the plow more than 100 years ago. The same floor that has been there since the house was built. 

24 years. You are writing in a blog about how La Casería makes you feel, but still you don´t know where to start. ¿How can you share with people you don´t know the feels that a place can share with you? And I don´t know how to do it yet. The only thing I know for sure is that when someone loves a place, I enjoy that place even more. 

And that´s what I want to achieve with La Casería. 

I want your kids to enjoy it as much as I did it when I was one. I want your parents to take a siesta after eating lunch, and that by the end of the day you can love the sound of the cicadas, because that wil mean that you are in the place where you really want to be.