El Cortijo (The Farmhouse)

Cortijo is the spanish name of an andalusian farmhouse.  La Casería del Carmen was one of the manor houses in the area of La Alpujarra and it’s described in the book “Cortijos, haciendas y lagares. Provincia de Granada“.

Please have a look at the two pages about La Casería del Carmen (in Spanish) by clicking on the image at right.

Origin of the house …

It is believed that the house was built in the eighteenth century for its constructive typology. It has not belonged to my family until 1929 when my grandparents bought the manor house and several surrounding lands.

My wife and I started using the house for our vacation 20 years ago with our young children. Since then we have improved and maintained the house with all the love. Since 2017 we started to share our house with our guests (we like it more than calling it “to rent”) who have come from many countries of the world looking for tranquility and authenticity.

Here on the right you can find two old pictures, more than 80 years old, of the main entrance and its comparison with the present. As you can see things have changed but not so much!.

Main entrance and living

The andalusian style of the house is perceived from the beginning… the entrance hallway, called zaguán that is a word that came from the arabic word “istawán”, typical in the andalusian manor houses, the arcs, the old wooden door, wooden beams, all original.

After the “zaguán” (12 m2) and the main wooden door, the living room of 30m2 is a open space with a fireplace, sofá and armchairs and old furniture. It’s decorated also with beautiful paintings made by Ana.

The house: Bedrooms & bathrooms

There are four bedrooms in the house, all of then with air conditioned.

Ground floor

Two bedrooms + two bathrooms

  • Bedroom 1: Queen sized bed (140 cm) and Twin bed (90cm). . En-suited bathroom. 
  • Bedroom 2: Queen sized bed (150cm).  Family bathrom for bedroom 2.   

First floor

One bedroom + two bathrooms

  • Bedroom 3: Queen sized bed (150cm). Family bathrom for bedroom 3.
    Family bathrom for bedroom 4.


  • Bedroom 4. Quenn sized bed (150 cm) and two twin bed (90cm).  Access to the terrace 

The house: Kitchen

The kitchen is in the first floor (20m2) which has, like the whole house, high ceilings with wooden beams and can itself sit eight to ten people.

It has everything you might need: coffee maker, oven, cooking utensils, toaster, iron & board, dish washer, tablets for the dishwasher, spices, coffe, salt, sugar, clothes dryer, liquidizer, kettle, microwave, washing machine, electric grill, four-ring vitroceramic hob, fridge, freezer…

The house: Home cinema room and business center

Going up the stairs to the second floor we arrive to the business center, so you’ll find a beautiful room with a desk, a balcony with nice views and of course ethernet or wifi internet access just in case you need a confortable place to use your laptop.

After the corridor you will get to the cinema room that is a big room with very high ceilings and a big screen. From here you can access to your favorites films trought providers like netflix or amazonprime. As there is a MiBox media player you can use other android apps to acces to your prefered tv channel.

There is also a quality Hifi equipment to connect via bluetooth from your devices or use our collection of music CDs available. 

Outdoors: The courtyard in front of the house

People say than this corner under the big tree is “the most refreshing part in the whole region…”. I don’t know, but for sure you will appreciate the light seabreeze in summer and magic views of the mountains and the valley.

We frecuently use the courtyard as dinner place or for lunch in spring… and many times to have breakfast in the morning, enjoying the views, the birds… in this haven of peace.

Notice that the courtyard is part of the pathway to access to other houses near the Caseria del Carmen, so it’s not a fenced in area, but don’t be affraid, the neighbourd are there occasionally and it really doesn’t make a difference to the serenity at all.

Outdoors: The pathway to the pool, the pool and the little lake

The pool is located in a fenced area at 70 m of the house. It is surrounded by natural grass, trees and a extensive area of natural plants.

People are pleasantly surprised when they step on the grass and see the astonishing pool spot.

In a part beyond the pool there is a “little lake” with fish and a pond wiht water plants. Children love to see the frogs, dragonflies, birds and other animals.

Some of the fruits trees that you may find there are oranges, mango, avocado, custard apple… and many other plants like rosemary, sequoia tree (still young), lavender, etc.