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Caseria del Carmen Pool

Holidays villa Casería del Carmen in Albuñol, Granada, Spain

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Russian’s cove

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The Russian’s cove is one of the most beautiful beaches and is very close to Casería del Carmen in Albuñol. It is only 8 minutes away by car

It is a very quiet cove and you should know that you have to make a downhill path a bit narrow before reaching the beach. It is a beach where you can practice nudism.

It is called ‘The Russian’ because in 1921 a Russian lieutenant named Basilio Lukianov fled the Soviet Union and settled in this beautiful cove.

He became an important character and gave this beach a name. He was who built the access to it and a fountain that remains in the area.

To access, you must leave the car on the road, parked on the side. There is not much space, but very few cars pass along that road.

The way down is done in 5 minutes and you should be careful because it is narrow and can slip.